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Support Programme for Organisations Facing Challenging Times

Business Un-Usual is a new service specifically designed to support your business and your people during this challenging time. The COVID-9 virus has created a scenario where organisations have had to respond rapidly with special arrangements for their employees such as working from home and new ways of working.


We are offering counselling, individual and group coaching and consultancy services to address various areas of challenge and concern related to our current context.


While we are all aware of the commercial and logistical consequences of our new reality, the psychological impact can take its toll on people’s wellbeing, mental health, morale and motivation. This can also have an adverse effect on people’s health, performance and productivity. Click on this link to learn more about the special programme https://bit.ly/2wydUnf

Assessment Centres

Assessment Centres are fair, transparent and objective processes that enable organisations to tap into potential strengths as well as skills gaps of current or future workforce. The process develops over four steps: The first step consists of identifying skills or behaviours that need to be assessed according to the specific requirements of the role and the organisation. Step two consists of developing the necessary exercises to assess the skills in a group setting. The third step consists of exercises where small groups of six to eight people work together under the observation and facilitation of at least two assessors. The fourth and final step consists of the report which gathers the assessment scores and draws recommendations for each person assessed. Feedback is then given to each person.


Assessment centres can improve the predictability of selection processes when well designed with a clear job description and person specification in mind. They are valuable when there are many good candidates and the consequence of inappropriate positioning and promoting is expensive or carries business risk. PsyPotential offers highly professional assessment centres and guarantees qualified and experienced assessors as well as the CIPD recommended candidate/assessor ratio that ensures fair and thorough evaluation.

Employee Engagement and Retention Programme

One of the greatest challenges facing leaders of organisations today is having a motivated and engaged workforce that feels a sense of loyalty and commitment to the organisation and to the work itself. Research by the Gallup organisation indicates that up to 70% of US workers are disengaged from their organisations.


PsyPotential offers a unique employee motivation and engagement programme based on the pivotal work of Dan Ariely and Daniel Pink, two leading researchers in the area of employee motivation. The programme is designed primarily for leaders and managers as they carry the first and greatest responsibility to create the right tone for engaged employees through their management and leadership practices. The programme also highlights the importance of emotional intelligence in employee engagement and retention and includes aspects of emotional intelligence training as an integral part of the process.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Workplace counselling is an important and valuable resource for an organisation that has the well-being of its people at heart. Counselling services are a very concrete and effective way of promoting a compassionate work culture where people look out for each other. The aim of counselling in the workplace is to help staff members through a period during which personal or work-related problems are having a negative impact on them and their performance. The counselling process helps people deal with their situation and take positive action.


PsyPotential provides counselling services or referrals to qualified and specialised persons in various problem areas including:

  • Stress related issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Issues of grief, loss and bereavement
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Difficulties in adjusting to change and transitions
  • Substance and alcohol abuse and other addictions
  • Sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination

PsyPotential also provides the necessary training and consultancy to set up counselling services or an employee assistance programme in your
organisation. This includes:


1. An EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) policy.
2. A referral system and procedure.
3. The provision of training for managers and supervisors that gives them the necessary skills to identify and refer people to the service.

Leader’s Inner Journey

Leader’s inner journey is a leadership retreat specifically designed for leaders who want to spend some time in quiet reflection to take stock of the direction they are taking as people and as leaders. The stress and strain of a fast-moving and often fiercely competitive business reality often leaves little time for leaders to engage in active reflection which is so critical for good practice. Leader’s journey is a guided retreat where leaders can assess their levels and degrees of alignment between their inner purpose, personal values, personal strategy, competencies, and actions. Leaders are guided to identify areas of misalignment as well as developmental requirements that can address these gaps and realign them.


PsyPotential uses the L-TAP and L-RAP frameworks developed by psychologist Patrick Psaila as a structure for the leadership retreat. It is a guided and facilitated process that takes participants on a journey that starts with reflection and leads to action and implementation.

Career Development Coaching

Whether you are taking your first major career decision or are at the crossroads of a new career direction, career counselling is aimed specifically at helping you make the right decision that is most aligned with your strengths and passions. The process will help you explore and identify your core values, your top skills and competencies, your personality strengths and preferences and your own personal mission statement.


This is achieved through a number of exploratory sessions with a psychologist, psychotherapist or counsellor who will help you along the process as well the administration of a number of psychometric instruments that will help verify your preferences.


PsyPotential offers a comprehensive and holistic career exploration process carried out only by qualified professionals that will guarantee clarity and certainty of choice thus maximising the chances of positive outcomes.

Interested in one of these additional Services?

We strongly believe in listening to our clients and partnering with them in responding to their specific needs. While all our development programmes and services have a core structure, they can be tailored to fit your particular requirements through our customisation process.