Corporate Wellness
Corporate Wellness Programme

Research data on loss of revenue suggests that every year millions are lost or wasted on decreased productivity, absenteeism, and the cost of treating illness and conditions that are preventable through better lifestyle management. This situation has a significant negative impact on organisations and on society at large which includes families, communities, healthcare organisations and the general wellbeing of the population.


Research also suggests that the best and most effective corporate wellness programmes are those that integrate the physical work environment, company policies and leadership and management practices under a single mission of wellness.


PsyPotential’s Corporate Wellness Programme takes a comprehensive approach so that employees may enjoy healthier and happier lives, be more effective and productive in their work performance and positively influence an organisation’s engagement and retention of staff.


The programme covers the following areas and can be customised to the needs of the organisation.

  • Developing Psychological Resilience
  • Managing Stress
  • Burnout Prevention
  • Healthy Lifestyle Management
  • Ergonomics at the Workplace and Safety Awareness
  • Mindfulness Practice at the Workplace
  • Workplace Yoga
  • Individual Support Sessions
  • Wellness Culture Consultancy

A well-designed and well-implemented corporate wellness programme can reduce health risks, lower health care costs, improve performance and productivity and assist in the engagement and retention of staff. It delivers a strong message from the organisation that people’s well-being is valued and that people really are the most important resource for the business to thrive and be successful.

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We strongly believe in listening to our clients and partnering with them in responding to their specific needs. While all our development programmes and services have a core structure, they can be tailored to fit your particular requirements through our customisation process.