Strategic Hub
Strategic Consultancy

PsyPotential Malta offers its HR consultancy services to organisations that understand the growing need to align their business goals and strategy to their people, their organisational culture and the ability to deal with change.


PsyPotential works with Executive C-Suite leaders on strategic alignment as well as leaders that have a responsibility for the HR functions and policies. We base our HR consultancy on a relationship of trust that starts with aquiring a deep understanding of the organisation, its culture, its strengths and potential as well as its pain points.


We create tailor-made solutions and interventions to fulfill the identified needs and facilitate the organisation’s journey towards effective growth and development. The following are some of the core services we offer as part of PsyPotential’s Strategic Hub.


  • People and Culture – strategic and advisory services
  • Developing organisational mission, vision and values
  • Organisational alignment with mission, vision and values
  • Change Management and preparing the people
  • Business continuity and succession planning
  • Closing the talent gap for leaders and their workforce
  • Performance management – rising stars through to under performers
  • Building an updated HR function to directly align to the strategic goals
  • Understanding the employee life cycle and how it affects the bottom line
  • Improving retention, motivation and staff engagement
  • Review and advice on people policies and communication strategies
  • Consultancy services for the setting up of Employee Assistance Programmes and the formulation of relevant policies
  • Formulation of employee satisfaction and organisation climate surveys
  • Formulation of discrimination and harassment policies and related awareness building and training
  • Training needs analysis


Our consultants come to the field with strong qualifications and many years of hands on experience in the areas of business strategy, organisational change, people behaviour and culture building. Together with our personalised approach this gives us the confidence to be instrumental to any organisation’s continued success.

Interested in this Service?

We strongly believe in listening to our clients and partnering with them in responding to their specific needs. While all our development programmes and services have a core structure, they can be tailored to fit your particular requirements through our customisation process.