Leading with Insight: Harnessing the Strengths of Your Team Members
Joanne Bonello Ghio
June 28, 2024

Among leaders worldwide, one question persists: How can I unlock my team’s full potential? This question is the consistent topic of strategic meetings and performance reviews due to its significant impact on team and organisational success. As a result, we tend to focus on addressing skill gaps, often overlooking the true power of the unique talents which are already present within our teams.

Research conducted by Gallup has shown that individuals who frequently utilise their strengths at work outperform those who do not, whilst also achieving enhanced employee wellbeing, motivation, engagement, and retention. From a leadership perspective, insider knowledge of what fuels team members’ passion for their work further supports leaders’ abilities to effectively delegate, motivate, and drive higher performance at both individual and team levels.

Leaders may seek to identify teams’ strengths and motivating factors through a variety of easily accessible methods such as by observing team members, or by engaging in one-to-one conversations. These approaches tend to be particularly effective when strengths or motivations are readily apparent, or when team members are already somewhat aware of them. However, what about those which have yet to surface?  

Psychometric assessments, such as the Strengths Profile, provide scientifically grounded perspectives into team members’ personality preferences and strengths, unveiling essential information which may have remained undiscovered otherwise. The DiSC profile further facilitates team discussions about individuals’ unique strengths and preferences, as well as how they interact with those of others within their team.

In the pursuit of maximising one’s team’s full potential, proper strengths identification provides a strategic advantage, enhancing leaders’ ability to lead their teams while laying the foundation for targeted developmental initiatives. This strengths-based approach not only enriches individuals’ self-awareness, but also fosters deeper understanding and collaboration among team members, paving the way for profound growth and fulfilment.

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