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Real psychology for organisational success
Leading with Insight: Harnessing the Strengths of Your Team Members
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Common Challenges
We want our leadership team to be aligned and drive our common purpose.
Leadership alignment is all about consistency.
Our LTAP framework is a facilitated process which supports organisations with reaching greater alignment amongst leadership teams.
We want to develop leaders to take our business into the future.
Our approach to leadership development involves a combination of training and coaching in order to provide opportunities for deep personal reflection and honest group discussions.
We need to find a way of engaging and retaining our staff.
Our HR consultancy services aim to support and guide organisations in a variety of areas, inclusive of retention, motivation, and staff engagement.
We want to improve our recruitment and selection outcomes.
Our psychometric assessments can provide an objective, scientific measurement of human characteristics inclusive of personality, ability, and intelligence.
How We Do it
We believe in creating long-term, trusting partnerships with our clients, allowing us to recommend the best solutions to meet their unique needs.
Step 1
We begin by listening deeply to explore your needs and issues thoroughly so that we can customise our services to meet your unique requirements.
Step 2
We formulate a customised proposal which outlines the solutions we are proposing to address your needs, outlining the programme details for the services quoted.
Step 3
Once the proposal is confirmed, we discuss logistics and set up our action plan to support your people and your organisation to successfully achieve your goals.
Our strong foundation in the science of psychology and business, empowers us to support people in all things critical to their personal and professional lives.
of HR managers believe training is beneficial.
83% of HR managers believe training is beneficial to attract and retain talent.
(SHRM  - 2022 Workplace Learning and Development Trends Research Report)
of employees more likely to stay.
More than three-quarters of employees say they are more likely to stay with a company that offers continuous training.
(SHRM  - 2022 Workplace Learning and Development Trends Research Report)
increase in job related performance.
A study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology found that using valid and reliable psychometric tests in the selection process led to a 36% increase in job performance and a 46% increase in job-related performance.
(Journal of Applied Psychology)
higher profitability.
The Gallup Organisation found that organisations with highly engaged workforces experienced 21% higher profitability; effective leadership plays a significant role in driving employee engagement.
(Gallup Organisation)
return on coaching investment
According to a study by the International Coaching Federation, coaching in organisations leads to an average return on investment (ROI) of 7 times the initial investment.
(International Coaching Federation)
What truly sets PsyPotential apart is their compassionate and human-centric approach to coaching.
Matthew Pullicino
Managing Director
Stargate Studios
Investing in executive leadership coaching has proven to be our most effective tool to deliver organisation-wide value across the Group. Totally recommended.
Ramona Galea
Head – Operations and Human Resources
ARQ Group
...really rewarding amongst our management members...especially in effective communication and enhancing our leadership skills.
Geraldine Gilford
Human Resources Director
Betclic Group
...key to help us develop our employees’ Emotional Intelligence, Leadership capabilities and Resilience
Jesmond Mizzi
Head - Executive Office
...the knowledge gained through training has had the desired impact on the professional development of our employees.
Elaine Calleja
Head of Career Development
APS Bank
Malta's leading specialists in the field to develop our talent and leadership team...
Jonas Schrader
Operations Manager
Class Optical
More than just offering an excellent service, PsyPotential have always left a lasting positive impact on the team.
Christina Galea
Costa Coffee
My go-to company for staff training and coaching for many years.
Sandra Azzopardi
Group Senior HR Manager
Know what you need?
Our comprehensive range of professional services fall under 6 main categories which serve to complement each other to provide a holistic reference point for all aspects of people and culture.
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Leadership Transformation
Develop high performing leaders and leadership teams through our leadership programmes, inclusive of our LEAD and LTAP.
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LEarning and Development
Discover ongoing personal and professional learning and development related to socio-psychological competencies.
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Female sat on white couch with laptop on lap
Psychometric Profiling
Discover the power of scientific psychological data through our wide range of psychometric profiling assessments.
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Coaching and Mentoring
Seek deep insight and guidance through one-to-one or group executive coaching and mentoring services.
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Corporate Wellness
Improve staff wellbeing with our holistic corporate wellness programmes which target all organisational levels and structures.
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HR Consultancy
Seek guidance on all aspects of human resource management through tailor-made solutions and interventions by our HR Consultancy.
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