Josianne Camilleri
Training & HR Consultant
Training & HR Consultant

Josianne delivers training and coaching in various organisations and sectors in the areas of management, leadership, communication, conflict management, assertiveness, feedback, presentation skills and other intrapersonal and interpersonal skills that are essential for effective leadership. She also delivers team building sessions to PsyPotential’s wide client base.

She is an experienced Human Resources and Training consultant within the Manufacturing and Financial Services sectors. With 10 years of experience with Trelleborg Sealing Solutions and EY. She has designed and delivered HR Management and Communication Skills training programmes for new seniors and managers across various sectors, locally and internationally, mainly Turkey, Spain, and Holland. Josianne has also worked as a News Editor and led a team in running the local news portal Previously she also produced a series of television news programmes for Net TV, including a special programme from Benghazi, Libya during the Revolution in 2011.

Josianne holds a B. Psy. (Hons) in Psychology from the University of Malta and an M.Sc. in Training and Development from the University of Leicester. Josianne is dedicated to supporting people in their ongoing personal and professional development, enabling them to achieve their full potential through lifelong learning and education.