Leadership alignment equals growth

A misaligned leadership team can manifest in various ways, leading to challenges such as low employee engagement and retention, hindered innovation, conflict and tension, as well as poor or slow decision-making etc.

Our LTAP (Leadership Team Alignment Process) framework is a unique facilitated process that takes Leadership Teams through a process of multi-level alignment, to make them more effective in fulfilling their mission and achieving their goals.

How it works

The LTAP framework starts by addressing the relational dynamics of the leadership team and explores key issues like trust, healthy conflict, personality interaction, and other dynamics that impact the functioning of the team. This typically takes the form of either a full-day away-day or two half-day facilitated workshops.

The process then addresses the six alignment components through a number of facilitated workshops (Typically six) and individual coaching sessions to support team members along the LTAP journey.

These are the fundamental components of LTAP, a unified approach that will guide all practices, decisions and actions taken by the leadership team. An aligned team is the first step to ensure smooth and effective running of an organisation.

What it does

Misalignment in leadership teams can manifest itself in various ways such as low employee engagement and retention, hindered innovation, conflict and tension, as well as poor or slow decision-making. It can have a significant impact on departmental teams resulting in lack of collaboration, communication breakdowns, low motivation, decreased productivity, and ultimately poor performance and profit margins.

Our LTAP (Leadership Team Alignment Process), assists leaders in addressing these sensitive issues and helps to foster a culture of open communication, trust, and shared objectives. By addressing the root causes of misalignment, leadership teams can work more effectively together, improving overall organisational performance and creating a more engaged, productive workforce.

Key benefits for leaders undergoing this process include:

  • Clarified purpose, values and goals
  • Consistent messaging
  • Reduced conflict and tension
  • Enhanced trust, collaboration and psychological safety
  • Optimal decision-making processes

Key benefits for teams undergoing this process include:

  • Improved alignment with organisational goals and leadership vision
  • Enhanced communication and collaboration within the team
  • Reduction in conflict and tension caused by misaligned leadership
  • Strengthened trust and interpersonal relationships
  • Increased motivation and engagement due to clarity in goals and expectations

Key benefits for organisations undergoing this process include:

  • Enhanced interdepartmental collaboration and communication
  • Improved organisational agility and adaptability to market changes
  • Reduction in employee turnover and increased retention
  • Fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement
  • Increased KPI scores and overall productivity

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