Corporate Wellness Programmes: Helping organisations create an environment where wellbeing is valued
Joshua Aquilina
January 8, 2024

Corporate wellness includes the encouragement and promotion of employee health by offering varied and broad programmes that adopt a corporate culture which is health aware. It delivers a strong message from the organisation that people’s well-being is valued, and that people really are the most important resource for the business to thrive and be successful.

Research suggests that the main advantages of giving importance to corporate wellness includes boosting people’s morale, increasing their productivity, efficiency, and participation, lowering absenteeism, and reducing health risks and healthcare related expenses. There is also increased retention when priority is given to corporate wellness, and it is widely known that hiring is more expensive than retaining employees. Developing effective time usage, decision making, and productivity of employees are all yielded results of making a worthy investment in corporate wellness.

PsyPotential currently offers the following Corporate Wellness Programme interventions that may be customised to the needs of corporate clients:

  • Wellness culture consultancy from policy to implementation
  • Promoting working conditions that ensure employee well-being
  • Developing leadership practices that create mental health conducive
  • Developing psychological resilience
  • Managing stress and preventing burnout
  • Healthy lifestyle management
  • Mindfulness practice at the workplace
  • Individual support sessions

In addition to this, at PsyPotential, there is a constant push to further develop and enhance the Corporate Wellness Programmes and there is a strong openness to discussing with organisations on how to meet their needs and that of their employees with new programme areas. At PsyPotential, value to corporate wellness is given to employees, leaders, teams, and the organisation at large with various resulting advantages such as awareness of well-being, improving skills and abilities, learning how to respond to mental health issues, increasing a sense of belonging in teams, and ultimately prioritising a culture of well-being and care.

In summary, the Corporate Wellness Programmes offered, by the team of qualified professionals at PsyPotential, promote creating an environment of wellness and can help organisations by developing an environment that leads to stronger attraction, engagement, and retention.

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