Psychometric Assessments: An Essential Component of the Recruitment Process
Joanne Bonello Ghio
December 5, 2023

Psychometric tests are assessments that measure various aspects of a person’s cognitive abilities, personality traits, and behavioural styles. They are rapidly becoming an integral part of every HR strategy due to their power to increase objectivity and mitigate the pervasive impact of inherent human biases. Psychometrics also provide insight into individuals’ unique strengths and weaknesses allowing for the assessment of competencies as well as cultural fit. The resulting data goes deeper and further than what would have been discussed at early interviewing stages, enabling open and honest discussions about job preferences and characteristics. This is essential when choosing candidates for senior roles especially within high-risk industries, such as aviation and regulatory functions.

At PsyPotential, we are committed to provide a vast range of scientifically validated psychometric tests. These range from basic ability tests to personality and leadership assessments. There are also targeted tests that measure critical competencies such as adaptability, resilience, stress tolerance and emotional intelligence. This enables recruitment professionals to select candidates who have the necessary skills for the role and who will very likely integrate within existing teams and structures. Our approach involves collaborative meetings during which we identify the fundamental competencies required for each role, allowing us to select the best suited assessment. We also conduct one on one discussions (aka ‘debriefs’) with each candidate to ensure accuracy of results and to identify areas for improvement.

Our team of licensed professionals are always available to guide and support HR and recruitment professionals as they go through the process of deciding which candidate to select. We seek to serve as partners in the recruitment process, unlocking individual and organisational potential through informed insights and tailored guidance.

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