The Benefits of Mindfulness Training at the Workplace
Patrick Psaila
June 12, 2019

Our second most visited place in a typical week is the workplace. This can sometimes create discomfort, stress, and feelings of anxiety. Mindfulness at work encourages us to reflect on our emotions as they arise. It is estimated that on average most people spend 47% of their time mind wandering, often engaging in negative thoughts. These thoughts lead to added stress, distractibility and reduced concentration.

Through the practice of mindfulness we can learn how to understand how our thoughts and feelings cause us to react and behave in any given situation. The awareness of these reactions allows us to approach situations mindfully rather than impulsively. Over time, this results in a grounded state of mind that gives us more control over our reactions to external events and internal thoughts and feelings.

Mindfulness practice provides us with the tools to engage in the present moment, unburdened by thoughts about the future and the past. In other words, we achieve a state of mind where we reside in the here and now, without passing judgement, while maintaining an attentive attitude to our current state and mental processes.

Workplace mindfulness training aims to bring awareness to our thoughts, feelings and actions as we go through our day to day activities. The regular practice of mindfulness promotes physical and emotional wellbeing, reduces stress and boosts performance by helping us remain more focused and centred on what we are doing.

Our evidence-based Mindfulness at Work Programme guides participants through a reflective process that includes a combination of concepts such as psychological presence and mindful behaviours, as well as a participative practice-based intervention where participants engage and reflect on mindfulness exercises. Our programme forms part of our Corporate Wellness Programme and aims at encouraging mindful practice within the workplace to promote wellbeing and optimise performance.

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