Abstract Reasoning Test

ART and ARTi, an item-banked short form test, assess ‘Fluid Intelligence’. This is considered to be the purest form of general mental ability and has consistently been shown to be an excellent predictor of work and academic achievement. ART and ARTi measure the capacity to adapt to and learn from novel situations and experiences. The respondent is required to think holistically and analyse complex patterns across two dimensions. As such this is considered to be a core ability for strategic thinking.

ART and ARTi have excellent levels of reliability and validity yet can be completed in 20 minutes. Not relying on the use of words or numbers, it has been designed to assess ability across culture and language groups. As there is no need to use different language versions of the test, it is particularly useful for global recruiters. ART and ARTi have been completed by scores of people worldwide from a variety of occupations and cultural backgrounds. As a result, an extensive range of norms exist enabling respondents’ results to be compared to those obtained by a wide range of professional groups.

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