Clerical Test Battery

This battery consists of four tests assessing a range of clerical aptitudes and skills: Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Ability, Clerical Checking and Spelling. Designed for general clerical and administrative positions, tests can either be administered individually to assess a specific aptitude or as a whole battery to produce a candidate profile.

CTB2 and CTBi provide a detailed and comprehensive assessment of a person’s range of clerical skills and aptitudes. The CTB2 or the CTBi is an essential tool for ensuring that clerical and administrative staff have the core skills and aptitudes which are required for successful performance.

Verbal Reasoning measures basic vocabulary, verbal fluency and the ability to reason using words.

Numerical Ability measures the ability to use numbers efficiently in clerical and administrative contexts. This test assesses the ability to perform such tasks as calculating travelling expenses and working out the unit pricing of goods.

Clerical Checking assesses the ability to quickly and accurately check verbal and numerical information (names, addresses, code numbers and telephone numbers, etc.) against a target. Clerical Checking is a classic speed/precision test which assesses the ability to quickly and accurately code data.

Spelling assesses the ability to correctly spell commonly misspelt words. This test provides a quick and reliable measure of the candidate’s ability to spell accurately.

CTB2 or CTBi is quick to administer, taking only 27 minutes plus administration time. CTB2 or CTBi provides a short, yet comprehensive assessment of a broad range of core clerical aptitudes and abilities. Appropriate for all people who have achieved a basic level of education, CTB2 or CTBi is an indispensable tool for assessing clerical and junior administrative staff for recruitment, promotion and training.

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