The 15FQ+provides a detailed assessment of one's personality. Extensive research indicates that a person’s potential for burnout, their trainability and subsequent job satisfaction, have all been shown to be strongly influenced by personality. Thus, personality assessment forms a central part of most career guidance and counselling programmes, with the aim of helping individuals maximise their potential by finding an optimal match between their personality and their choice of career. The models presented from feedback form this test illustrate the relationship between behavioural preferences and job performance.

The 15FQ+ has been developed to ensure culture and gender fairness and has been adapted into over 20 languages. It is based on the original 16 personality factors first identified by Raymond B Cattell and is recognised for its standards for reliability and validity. This test is designed for use with adults with a minimum of secondary/high school education. The 15FQ+ is recommended for the assessment of senior managers, high level executives, general managers andCEO’s or any other roles with strong leadership responsibilities.

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Leadership Transformation
Develop high performing leaders and leadership teams through our leadership programmes, inclusive of our LEAD and LTAP.
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LEarning and Development
Discover ongoing personal and professional learning and development related to socio-psychological competencies.
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Psychometric Profiling
Discover the power of scientific psychological data through our wide range of psychometric profiling assessments.
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Coaching and Mentoring
Seek deep insight and guidance through one-to-one or group executive coaching and mentoring services.
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Corporate Wellness
Improve staff wellbeing with our holistic corporate wellness programmes which target all organisational levels and structures.
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HR Consultancy
Seek guidance on all aspects of human resource management through tailor-made solutions and interventions by our HR Consultancy.
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