The Strengths Profile

The Strengths Profile is a versatile psychometric assessment that can be used on a personal, team and organisational level. The tool consists of an online assessment that generates a four-part report that brings out realised, and unrealised strengths, learned behaviours, and weaknesses. It is also a powerful coaching tool which reveals coachees’ development opportunities while guiding them towards playing to their strengths.

In a team context, Strengths Profile can be used to maximise potential in teams by helping them to understand what they can do, what they do not do well, and most importantly, how they can develop and unlock their strengths within the team so that they are most effective. In an organisational context, StrengthsProfile helps to build a strengths culture that empowers people to be their best self everyday and love what they do.

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Leadership Transformation
Develop high performing leaders and leadership teams through our leadership programmes, inclusive of our LEAD and LTAP.
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LEarning and Development
Discover ongoing personal and professional learning and development related to socio-psychological competencies.
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Psychometric Profiling
Discover the power of scientific psychological data through our wide range of psychometric profiling assessments.
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Coaching and Mentoring
Seek deep insight and guidance through one-to-one or group executive coaching and mentoring services.
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Corporate Wellness
Improve staff wellbeing with our holistic corporate wellness programmes which target all organisational levels and structures.
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HR Consultancy
Seek guidance on all aspects of human resource management through tailor-made solutions and interventions by our HR Consultancy.
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