General Reasoning Test

A comprehensive and in-depth measure of mental agility, GRT2 and GRTi, an item banked short-form test, have been designed to assess general reasoning ability. Suitable for non-graduate level applicants, the test consists of three sections which can be administered individually or together, measuring Verbal, Numerical and Abstract reasoning ability.

Verbal Reasoning measures basic vocabulary, verbal fluency and the ability to reason using words. This test is appropriate for all jobs which require a general level of verbal ability.

Numerical Reasoning measures the ability to use numbers in a logical, efficient way. This test is appropriate for all jobs which require a general level of numerical ability.

Abstract Reasoning measures the ability to understand abstract logical problems and use new information outside the range of previous experience. This is the purest form of mental ability and is least affected by previous education and achievement. It is therefore ideally suited to assess individuals of various educational backgrounds and cultural groups.

GRT2 and GRTi provide a comprehensive assessment of mental ability. Either test is quick to complete. As mental ability has been consistently found to be the best single predictor of job performance, the test is an essential tool for cost-effective selection and assessment across a wide range of roles.

GRT2 and GRTi have been completed by thousands of people worldwide from a variety of occupations and cultural backgrounds. As a result, an extensive range of norms exist enabling respondents’ results to be compared to those obtained by a wide range of vocational groups.

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